Gina Goff Athlete
5'6" 122

Name: Gina Goff
Birthplace: Bogota,Colombia
Height: 5'6"
Weight (Offseason): 134
Weight (Competition): 122
Favorite Exercise: Sprints! HIIT wods
Favorite Cheat Meal: Colombian food, especially fruit. And wine :)

I am originally from Colombia. However, The U.S. has been my home for the last 10 years. San Diego is what I consider my home city, but I currently live in northern Virginia. In 2008, my passion  was found. It started as something to pass the time while my husband was deployed and has evolved into a full-time career. Today, I own an online personal training platform (Fitness by GG LLC). Personal life: I am an athlete, from Team Sculpted from Ohio. However, I am taking 2016 off from the stage. I love cooking, animals, outdoor activities, and meditation. I don't consider myself a "gym rat", I am the scientist, an athlete, an artist, and a poet. Every single training session is a science experiment, an athletic performance, an artistic exposition, and biomechanical poetry. Fitness is not a hobby or a in/off season, it is my lifestyle. Gina Goff - Fitness Professional