Lorena Spitzer Athlete
5'4" 116

Name: Lorena Spitzer
D.O.B. 03/11/1983
Birthplace: Elche, Spain
Height: 5'4"
Weight (Offseason): 124
Weight (Competition): 116
Favorite Exercise: Shoulder overhead press
Favorite Cheat Meal: Pizza & Chicken Wings

In November of 2014, Lorena got her first taste of competition, and she was hooked. Even though she did not place well, something grabbed her about the excitement of standing before the world, wearing nothing but a competition bikini to show off the physique she had worked hard to build. She knew that she had found her passion and vowed to do whatever it would take to reach her full potential and earn the elusive pro card. Lorena juggles a full schedule which includes military service and a recent marriage.She is a shining example that you can still excel in the sport of physique competition even when the demands of life are as big as serving your country.We salute her not only for her discipline and commitment to building her physique but also in serving our great nation.