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CUTIE LOVE – Two More Winners Qualify for PRO Performer Status

Confession time:  As you all know, every time one of my Cuties walks onto the stage, I am a mixture of excitement and anticipation.  It is such a reward to be their cheerleader in the crowd that wants the win ALMOST as much as they do! I know the weeks of training, nutrition, and dedication [...]

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The Results Are In – Cutie Challenge Winners

As always, the incredible outpouring of participation for the Cutie Challenge was incredible.  I am personally thankful for everyone who supported our First Annual Cutie Challenge.  For me, your involvement showed what teamwork is all about!  In this way, we were all winners! ****** DRUM ROLL PLEASE ****** The results are in, and there are [...]

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Cuties Conquering the Stage – The Weekend for Winners

Want to be a winner, but you are not quite sure where to start? Have you been watching the other athletes get top call-outs, but not quite sure how to up your game? There is good news coming – the opening of Cuties Conquering the Stage 2017! ******** Do You Want Proof That Cuties Conquering [...]

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Let’s Get Cute – Cutie Deals Launch with a Bang

Our goal is always to help athletes achieve their dreams and dominate the stage.  With this in mind, we are excited to announce CUTIE DEALS.  Cutie Deals are our newest way to help female physique competitors get the perfect suit, coaching, and tons of extras that help an athlete achieve championship levels! READY TO LEARN [...]

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Announcing The Cutie PRO Performer Giveaway!

We are so excited to announce our EPIC new promotion the Cutie PRO Performer Giveaway: Any Shawn’s Couture Cutie suit & posing client who earns an IFBB pro card will receive a GOLD RUSH of Goodies to make their PRO win and/or debut one to remember! Our Super Star PRO Performers Will Receive FREE…   [...]