In this video, I had the awesome opportunity to interview Peter Gordon; National Level NPC Judge.

Peter is a great Judge to receive feedback from, and he is always opened to help you improve in any way possible.

AND he has a great eye for detail; so regardless if you are a Bikini, Figure or Women’s Physique competitor his advice will surely help you!

But as he states in this video there is a right way and wrong way to approach a judge when asking for feedback.

Watch as I ask him the BEST and WORST questions to ask when looking for feedback from the judges.

You can find Peter on [email protected]_NPCNationalJudge and Facebook: Peter NPCnationaljudge Gordon.

***I apologize for all the background noise. We had a glitch with our audio recording equipment, but this information was so good I knew I needed to get it to you regardless!

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