We are so excited to announce our EPIC new promotion the Cutie PRO Performer Giveaway:

Any Shawn’s Couture Cutie suit & posing client who earns an IFBB pro card will receive a GOLD RUSH of Goodies to make their PRO win and/or debut one to remember!

Our Super Star PRO Performers Will Receive FREE…

   ♦ A PRO-Level Fully Encrusted Shawn’s Couture Cutie Competition Suit

   ♦ Six PRO-Level Posing & Stage Presence Sessions 

   ♦ PRO-Level Hair & Makeup Consultation

   ♦ A Full Complement Of Beautiful Stage Jewelry (Earrings, Bracelet, and Ring)

And That’s Not All…..

Now that you’re a PRO lets dream a little… you will also have the opportunity to experience the super bowl of our sport up close and personal!

Welcome To The Olympia Weekend In Fabulous Las Vegas!

  ♦ Enjoy A 3 Day /2 Night Olympia Weekend Hotel Stay In Fabulous Las Vegas

  ♦ Take In The Festivities With 2 Tickets To The Olympia Expo 

  ♦ AND $50 In Cutie Bucks To Redeem In The Cutie Boutique

A Treasure Trove Of Goodies Valued @ over $4000.00!

But Wait…The Cutie PRO Performer Giveaway Gets Even Better!

If you WIN a PRO show you will be on your way to the Olympia compliments of The Mr. Olympia American Media Inc. In lieu of that, you will  receive all the  goodies mentioned above but we will replace the hotel stay with:

$500.00 Toward Your Olympia Debut Stage Presence Services! 

Use Your Cash Allotment Toward: 

 ♦ Show Day Hair & Makeup Service

 ♦ Show Day Tanning Services 

 ♦ Facials Manicures, Pedicures


♦ Let Us Treat You To A PRO Level Cheat Meal With A $100 Ruth Chris Gift Card!

So Why Are We Doing This?…

It’s really simple; many of you hired me and supported my business as an NPC competitor with a dream of one day earning a pro card, and you entrusted me to help you achieve that goal. So now that you won your PRO card I want to pay it forward and support you as you go forth on your journey to one day walk on the Olympia stage. 

So What Else Should You Know?

  • Any Shawns Couture Cuties (SCC) Client Who Purchased A Suit And Posing Package In The Current Physique Season and is actively working with SCC
  • To Qualify For A PRO Performer Status, You Must Acknowledge SCC As Your Suit Designer & Posing Coach Through Social Media Mentions & Tags
  • You Cannot Combine Other Promotions Or Contest Towards  Awards Unless Specified
  • One Ticket To The Olympia Expo Dailey & Only For Winning Client (Two tickets total)
  • PRO Sponsored Athletes Are Eligible For PRO Win Awards Only
  • Only one Olympia Weekend Trip Per PRO Performer Athlete
  • Olympia Weekend Must Be Used With-in The Same Year Awarded Unless Qualified After The Conclusion Of The Cutie Challenge
  • PRO-Performer Will Be Held To The Same Standards & Core Values As A Shawn’s Couture Cuties Sponsored Athlete.
  • More Posing Will Be Provided As Needed
  • Shared Hotel Rooms Will Be Assigned When Necessary
  • Accumulated Cutie Challenge  Points Can Be Used Toward Vegas Airline Tickets

So that’s it, I am excited, are you?

If you are, please share this post with all your friends that you feel could benefit!

And as always if you have Questions or Comments? Let me know in the comments section.Thanks!

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