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Shawn Hektor-Lewis is an authority on the art of winning stage presence. Shawn developed her expertise through both professional pieces of training, which includes a Bachelors in Music, and hands-on experience in virtually every performing art. She has excelled as an IFBB PRO physique competitor, actress, and theater performer, print, and cover model as well as an opera singer in which she is classically trained. Her experience is vast, which has made her a tremendous asset for hundreds of physique competitors seeking to improve their stage presence, poise and posing. Shawn is passionate about helping like-minded competitors reach their physique competition goals; no matter what stage of your competition journey you are in she can help! Amateur or Pro, Shawn is more than qualified to help take your results to the next level. Additionally, she is the owner of Shawn's Couture Cuties, a couture competition suit design and stage presence boutique she founded in 2011. Shawn's Couture Cuties provides physique competitors with all the services, stage training, and products needed to create a polished and winning stage presence package.
25 10, 2015

The Success Six-The Six Habits of Successful Physique Competitors

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Becoming a successful Physique Competitor takes more than just having the best trainer and coaches. You also need self-discipline, patience, and a strong work ethic fueled by a strong desire to grow and improve.Everyone desires to do great things its human nature, but not everyone is willing to go through the trials and tribulations that develop [...]

9 10, 2015

Brick Built Booty of The Month-IFBB PRO Amanda (“The Booty Queen”) Latona-Discover How Amanda Builds Her Amazing ASSets…:)

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Many of you  know I have a clothing line called Brick Built Booty that celebrates the bump and grind of building the booty into a Brick Built Booty. :) On my Brick Built Booty site, I just started featuring some of the best booty's in fitness and thought why not share some of that content [...]

  • NPC Global - Our Fitness Evolution the physique industry and its associated subsidiaries progress further into the 21st century, there have been differences as to how to move forward in a PROGRESSIVE and EVOLUTIONARY manner. Sooner than I would have anticipated, the demands of the athletes, the fans, the sponsors and the future have come calling. I, the #NPCTexas and the #Nspire COMMUNITY are ready to answer that call. Our COMMUNITY vision; to create a SHARED ECONOMY by rewarding the athletes and to provide the TRANSPARENCY of the process by which they COMPETE. It is the ATHLETES who sacrifice so much to make this business and lifestyle so great. Together, we UNITE to create our own RULES by which we will LIVE in a state of UTOPIA.I, my wife Jennifer Thompson, our entire Thompson Muscle Contest and Nspire Physique Championship Amateur/Pro League – wish the very best in their pursuit of EXCELLENCE to all the amazing athletes taking to the stage this weekend in Las Vegas, NV. And to those athletes around the GLOBE, we WELCOME you to our NPC Global League. IT'S HOW WE LIVE.

    Posted by Thompson Muscle Contest / NPC Texas on Wednesday, September 16, 2015
24 09, 2015

NPC Born-NPC Bred-NPC Until The Day I am Dead!

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I need to get something off my chest (call it a rant) in regards to an announcement made by Lee Thompson last week. Lee WAS the NPC Chairman of the state of Texas and arguably the most successful NPC branch in the organization. Lee announced that he would be making a clean break from the [...]

19 09, 2015

So You Think You Want to Be A Fitness Model?

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This weekend I had the pleasure to be one of the invited sponsored Olympia hosts for Labrada Nutrition. The experience was electric! I especially enjoyed having the privilege to interact with hundreds of like-minded physique competitors and raving Labrada fans. And to top it all off I also had the opportunity to work next to [...]

14 09, 2015

A Simple Solution to Conquering “Carb Brain” Fast and Forever!

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One of the most difficult areas to manage when preparing for a physique competition is staying focused on your preparation all while trying to manage the other areas of your life. Life's daily challenges in and of themselves will stress most people's ability to stay focus. But when you add in the multiple day training sessions, meal [...]

6 09, 2015

6 Top IFBB PRO’S Speak-Out….If You Could Give an Aspiring PRO-NPC Competitor One Piece of Advice What Would it Be? Here’s What These Great Ladies Had to Say…

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Have you ever felt like throwing in the towel and giving up on your dream of ascending from an NPC Competitor to IFBB Pro? Or just giving up on the sport altogether? I know when I first started to compete I would have my doubts, but in the midst of those moments I always [...]

31 08, 2015

9 Steps to Achieving Your Physique and Fitness Goals Faster

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As physique competitors, we all have a driving force behind why we enter the arena of physique competitions and as such have unique goals we desire to achieve. Whether it is reaching a certain level of fitness, becoming a world renown fitness model or maybe one day stepping on the Olympia stage. The journey towards self-fulfillment [...]

23 08, 2015


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Over the years of competing and now coaching, I have witnessed some great ladies ascend through our sport and evolve from timid souls to unstoppable superwomen. I have seen these women ignite this transformation simply by making a DECISION to compete in a physique competition and to invest 100% of themselves into the hunt for [...]

16 08, 2015

What Part of Preparing for a Show is the Most Important?

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I recently had a conversation with a new client who is preparing for her first bikini competition.  Naturally she was nervous and had a lot of questions ranging from her competition suit, stage presence and of course posing. We have all been there, so I understood her apprehension and did my best to alleviate her [...]